DPAC support the No Jobs bloc

DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) statement on why they’re supporting our NO JOBS bloc on Saturday 16 April:

“DPAC are proud to support the No Jobs Bloc. We want a society where disabled people are valued as equals and free to explore every aspect of themselves. We want a society which doesn’t just account for our lives purely as either profit or loss in someone’s ledger account. While we live in a society collapsing under the pressures of capitalism, none of this is truly possible. In turn, none of us are ever truly free.
The institutional, structural, environmental and attitudinal barriers required to keep this failing system together completely exclude disabled people. This will not change without a radical re-thinking of how we organise ourselves – including our relationship with paid employment.
At this moment in the UK, the in-work poverty rates are higher than out-of-work poverty rates; the time for that radical re-thinking is now.
We urge all disabled marchers who are able, to join us on Saturday April 16th, assembling on Gower Street at 1pm.
Or alternatively join the short march route at 2pm on Charing Cross Road, outside the Hippodrome. See the map and details at http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/access_info

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