Sisters Uncut North London support the No Jobs bloc

Here is Sisters Uncut North London‘s statement on why they are supporting the bloc:

“Why do we support NO JOBS BLOC?
Women and non-binary people make up 73% of carers in the UK, who earn a disgusting 4p per hour from Carers Allowance for caring full-time for a loved one.
55% of people working on zero-hours contracts are women, disproportionately they are our migrant sisters and sisters of colour, who face discriminatory and exploitative conditions and the constant threat of poverty through unemployment.
Less than half of our disabled sisters are in paid employment. We believe that is due to ableist, sexist and classist capitalist structures that aim to divide, disempower and devalue us.
North London Sisters Uncut seeks a world where women and non-binary folks are safe from violence. Part of this would include having the economic freedom to escape gendered domestic and state violence regardless of where in the world we live.”

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