Thames Valley Plan C support the No Jobs bloc

Statement from Thames Valley Plan C on why they’re supporting the No Jobs Bloc:

“Thames Valley Plan C originated from a series of discussions between socialists, anarchists, feminists and communists about how economic changes were impacting on the ways the left traditionally organised it’s resistance to capitalism. Our collective understanding of ‘work’ expands beyond the things we do in return for a wage to also include the labour that goes into reproducing life itself, such as care and house work. This work is disproportionately done by women but is devalued under capitalism and often unpaid.
Over the last four decades, changes in the organisation of production and class composition have significantly weakened working class organisations like trade unions, thereby undermining our previous sources of class power. In addition, the withdrawal of social benefits and services has made it increasingly difficult for people without a job to get by; regardless of the work they are doing in the ‘domestic’ sphere. In order to swing the balance of power back in our favour we need to reinvigorate old organisational forms and develop new ones that facilitate mutual aid and disrupt the circulation of capital. However, to build a world beyond capitalism the left also needs an alternative vision of the future and a set of demands that can mobilise people to fight for it.
The No Jobs Bloc demands point us in the direction of a post-work future, in which necessary labour is significantly reduced, we have more free time and autonomy to pursue our unique interests and we place greater value on caring for each other. They hold the potential to unite different social groups around a political project to challenge neo-liberalism.”

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