Full Automation

When automation was invented.

“My grand-grandfather was an inventor. He invented the bread factory. Before the end of the 19th century, the quality of the flower was extremely varying and was vulnerable for bacteria. Bread literally made people ill, and individuals died. My grand-grandfather wanted a solution for this health problem, and created the first bread factory, in which the quality of the bread was guaranteed, with the slogan ‘Your bakery, your doctor’. Several years later, Ford opened a similar factory to manufacture cars, to reduce costs and guarantee the quality of their products. Some conservative individuals complained about my family’s manufactured bread: “our bakeries lose their jobs due to this bread factory; better be dead due to bad bread than not having a job”. However, the manufacturing of bread seems to have saved many lives over the years. It may be true that some individuals lost their job due to my grandfather, but thanks to him there are more individuals who are healthy enough to work and contribute to society. I grew up with the idea that automation can improve the quality of our food and products, help us to work more efficiently, and live longer and healthier. Thanks to this, we can live longer and do not need to work full-time, as the work force is larger while at the same time automation helps us to be more efficient in our work. Therefore, the government should invest as much as possible in innovation and research focusing on improving and simplifying our daily life, like my grand-grandfather did. Only full automation can create a society in which we are able to live a healthy life without the continuous stress of our job.”