The art of demanding the future: Metamorphosis

Artist Michelle Tylicki discusses her inspiration.

“In this metaphoric illustration I attempt to show how, with the aid of proactive design and technology, humanity can work towards the development of a life of freedom, productivity and wholesome collective evolution. The integration between technology and living organisms, stylized in the bio-mechanic transition of the butterfly’s metamorphosis stages, represents the four demands in a timeline.

If we all work towards having an equal starting point (the nourished egg) and sustainably implement automation of menial tasks (the industrious caterpillar) we will have enough time (the incubating chrysalis) to further our personal and collective growth (the liberated butterfly). This would then allow for laying the groundwork for a regenerative culture (the formation of the next egg) and the cycle continues.

My choice of an insect life cycle was a reminder to let go of the anthropocentric approach as the current system does not only affect human lives, but impacts and is interconnected with all living things on the planet. The conscious biomimicry of balanced natural processes has many such systems solutions for us all.”

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The art of demanding the future: automate now


“The cross-piece is laser cut 6mm clear perspex. The shaft is constructed of size 1 timber Full Communism Bricks (FCB). Robots can easily slot these into each other to make anything we desire, generating complexity from a set of standard bits. A metaphor for a society creating ad hoc solutions (meeting an infinite diversity of needs) from a shared infrastructure.”