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  • Brick Lane Debates have hosted a series of discussions on the topic on “Interrogating post capitalism: The End of the Future” which can be viewed here

Post-capitalism refers to an assemblage of texts that try to imagine what should come next and how we might get there. Mason, Gibson-Graham, Srnicek, Williams, Haraway, Wright and others attempt to reorient left ideas for the 21st century, extrapolating possible future socialisms from the most promising trends of capitalism – mass automation, network production, techno-democracy – by repurposing rather than rejecting technology and contesting the grip neo-liberalism has over progress and modernity. In these three peer led, participatory sessions we will critically explore post-capitalism through the lense of various readings, videos, podcasts and, crucially, our own experiences.

  • For anyone wanting to discuss or read more about the ideas of full automation, basic income and so on conversations are happening on the Radical Assembly Loomio